Soon I will be sorting out this page properly, but hey, be pacient... I am an old man with MS not a fast speed train...



Well let's start at the beginning then.

My name is Andy and I was born in the UK in August 1957, however, have lived in Germany for the last 26 years.

I first came here as young soldier and joined 50 Msl in 1977, went to another regiment inbetween - 27 Field Regt. - but returned to Menden after a year.

Having gone through the wild times, as every squaddie does, I finally met my wife - a German girl - called Birgit. Affectionally called Bibi by friends and family.

We married in 1989 and are still married, no kids, but two dogs....

We live in our own house, have a nice garden, a pond with fish and every thing else that makes it a home. Things will have to be altered a little, as I need to use the wheel chair more and more...but I am sure we will manage.


Tomorrow Andy is leaving hospital after yet another round of treatment with chemo therapy. It may be helping, but it also shows how tough things are getting... His joints hurt him so much, he is now on morphine to control the pain a little....Losing his big black Bruno will not make it better, but the knowledge that at least he no longer suffers the pain will be of help.

On Thursday - 13.11.03 - Roxanne, Andy's niece, will be 18. There won't be massive celebrations, but at least Andy will be home to join in.

(written by Mags, mother of Rox, sister of Birgit, sister-in-law to Andy ;-) )

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